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Our Story

Taliah Ferguson grew up with sensitive, dry skin. Skin that would become scaly in colder months, and breakouts that would happen while using products with toxic and heavy ingredients. Being exhausted from not finding products that last and were effective, Taliah was never afraid to whip up her own skin care like avocado masks and lip scrubs. Her visits to Paris is where she found admiration for their philosophy of beauty: if you take care of your skin, your complexion will look amazing even without makeup. Less is more...(in some cases).  As someone who falls in between minimal and luxury, Taliah finally found her niche in what her skin really needed. Also, trying out free products as a fashion blogger helped her gather what brands and products worked for her skin type, and yielded results. She knew she could also craft her own formulas by using extensive research and adopting her years of experimenting. 

"As someone in my 30's, I want to invest in my skin by using the best ingredients out there" Taliah Ferguson

In 2017, Taliah knew she wanted to develop an innovative product that was compact, effortless, and user friendly. After a year and a half of formula making and preparing the packaging, her 2 in 1 lip kit was finally ready for the world to see. Bouquette Beauty launched on January 15, 2019 as an e-commerce site. The lip kit received an amazing initial reaction and sold out in 1 night. Because hydration and exfoliation is essential to our brand, our focus will stay at the foundation of skincare. We pride ourselves on using toxic free and organic ingredients.* We believe that everyone should be able to afford a little luxury and glam when it comes to their beauty products, and this is why Bouquette Beauty was born. As a woman of color, Taliah saw an opportunity and a gap that needed to be filled for women like her who suffered from sensitive dry skin, especially those with darker skin. She also felt like she could provide 'expensive' skin care to everyone with all skin types.

Our ingredients are mostly earth-grown and inspired by healthy, food-grade ingredients and botanicals. Basically, good enough to eat. 

Bouquette is inspired by the French but made for all. 

*Please note that 85% of our ingredients are certified organic*